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Road Traffic Law

Fleming & Reid can help save your licence

Have you been charged with a road traffic offence? With many years experience in dealing with road traffic cases, Fleming and Reid can offer you the expert help you require.

We can assist in many ways, do any of the following apply?

  • Have you been asked to produce your driving documents at your local police station?
  • Have you been accused of driving dangerously or without due care?
  • Have you received a 'Notice of Intended Prosecution'?
  • Have you received a summons or been charged with any driving offence?
  • Are you due in Court and may lose your licence?
  • Has your car been flashed by a speed camera?
  • Have you been involved in a road traffic collision?
  • Do the police want to interview you in connection with an accident or incident?
  • Have you been arrested on suspicion of drink driving?
  • Have the police said you have gone through a red light?

Are you liable for disqualification through the totting up provisions? We can advise you on conducting an exceptional hardship proof to avoid disqualification and a special reasons proof to avoid your licence being endorsed.

If any of the above do apply, or you have any other road traffic enquiry, Fleming and Reid can help you. Feel free to contact and we will provide the best advice available.

With our specialist knowledge we could help you keep your all important driving licence. We provide a friendly and efficient service guiding you through every stage of a road traffic prosecution.

Paul Reid
Partner at Fleming & Reid

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All accused persons have the right to seek advice from an independent Solicitor, and we will attend upon all those in police custody, when we are requested. We can also advise if you are eligible for Legal Aid.

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Our team of Lawyers has a superb track record built on several decades experience in practising Criminal Law. We are able to provide advice, assistance and representation in relation to all types of offences.

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